Growing cellular nutrients for your health

There is a direct link between good health and nutrition. If your diet is rich in trans fats, sugar, white flour and salt, and at the same time low in micronutrients, you inevitably get sick.

In her first book, ‘The Secret of Cells’, Mirja Holtrup explained why the right foods are essential for your body and how they can prevent you from developing all kinds of diseases.

Today’s supermarket food is usually treated with pesticides and herbicides; poisonous chemicals that harm you. Seeds that supermarket vegetables originate from are usually hybrid ones. They are artificially bred and not fertile. While nice to look, they are low in micronutrients and have almost no nutritional value.

Organic veggies and fruit have much more to offer, they contain loads of vitamins and micronutrients. But how can you source them if there are no natural health food shops around, or, if there are, they are too expensive?

In the olden days, people had a closer bond to nature. They knew about crop rotation cycles and the different demands of the seasons. By regaining this ancient knowledge, we can become more and more independent from supermarket chains that actually do more harm than good.

In Mirja’s new organic gardening book you can learn how to build your own veggie garden, even in a small space, and how to grow your own vitamin-supply. Towards having an independent and healthy lifestyle, this is good to know! A bit of fresh basil and turmeric on the window sill is a great start!

Step by step, this book shows you where to begin with and what to do. The more we know, the better! Through using this book, good health is easily accessible for everyone. And while you are digging in the mud and feeling the earthworms in your hands, you will suddenly value your radishes much more than just picking them from the supermarket shelf!

About Mirja Holtrup

Mirja Holtrop was born and raised in Germany, where she studied Computer Science and Public Relations. After working as a Marketing Assistant for a couple of years she joined the Dr. Rath Health Foundation. In the early 2000s she moved to South Africa where she studied Education at the University of Cape Town. Her first book, ‘The Secret of Cells’, was published in 2004.

Since then, after spending 13 years in South Africa, Mirja has published five more books and moved back to Germany. Today, in addition to writing books, she works on the Dr. Rath Health Foundation’s international Movement of Life project.

Mirja loves organic gardening, cooking, and animals. She lives with her eight-year old son near Düsseldorf in Germany.


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