The Proof – Successes with Cellular Nutrients confirm Vitamin Research findings


By the Dr. Rath Health Foundation

This inspiring book contains real life stories from cancer patients who have successfully used science-based natural remedies to recover their health. Published in the form of personal testimonies, their stories provide firsthand proof that Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking Cellular Medicine approach can lead us to a world in which people are freed from the fear of a diagnosis of cancer.

Describing their cancer journeys in their own words, the patients recall the terror of the first moment when they received their diagnosis; the pressure put on them by doctors to subject themselves to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; their inner battles with themselves over the right course of action to take; finding the courage to say “No” to the systematic poisoning of their body; and finally, their realization that they had made the right choice!

As the real life stories in The Proof show, receiving a diagnosis of cancer need no longer be a death sentence!

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